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Author: Derek Homann

How to create an employee newsletter that drives engagement

As your company grows in size, it can be difficult to keep up with the most important things happening across the company. Oftentimes your HR team or Internal Communications teams have a challenging job of putting together the most important information at your company, and not know if anyone actually reads or cares about it….

Who Should Own Your Company’s Intranet?

If implemented correctly, most of your employees should see or interact with your company’s intranet on a daily or weekly basis. However, in order to have a thriving intranet that your employees get value from, there needs to be a person or team who “owns” your intranet and can work across departments to ensure it…

5 Tips for creating a strong culture in a remote team

As more and more teams are transitioning to remote work (especially during Covid), it can be easy to overlook some of the things that may be a bit harder to accomplish when your teams are not physically in the same space. Creating and promoting a strong culture is one of them. When your team doesn’t…

Introducing Workshop

Today is the day we introduce Workshop to the world. The team behind Workshop has been hard at work addressing one of the toughest challenges that growing teams face. Sharing information, staying connected, and being thoughtful about how we communicate. When you’re a smaller company, it’s fairly easy to get to know everyone and communicate…