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Author: Derek Homann

How to run a brainstorming session

Your team often has to tackle unique problems without a clear solution. If your team is tasked with coming up with a new slogan for a product, there is no specific right or wrong answer, but you’ll likely have a better output when you bring a few creative folks together to help spark new and…

The best meeting scheduling apps

One of the most prominent annoyances for anyone who has to schedule meetings is finding a time that works for all the participants. Sending 3 or 4 emails back and forth before you find the right time to meet used to be commonplace, but now as a plethora of scheduling tools are available to solve…

How to keep your team meetings on track

Everyone has been in a meeting that’s gone way off subject. You had a specific goal in mind when you started the meeting, and then somehow the meeting ends up getting derailed by one seemingly innocent question or comment, and all of sudden the meeting is over and you didn’t make any decisions and you…

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