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Employee email image size best practices: How to make your messages look great

If you’re working with standard tools to send emails to large groups (like employees), figuring out the right image sizes for email and making them render properly to your recipients is a serious challenge. Many mass emails – like marketing emails and customer service messages – are created using a dedicated tool like Mailchimp or…

275+ examples of employee survey questions

Whether you’re looking for a few interactive ideas to spice up your weekly employee newsletter or want to dig in for some real employee feedback, here’s a long (but nicely organized) list of survey questions that you can reference all year long! Here’s a handy table of contents if you’d like to skip to the…

Employee Appreciation Day ideas to delight your team

One of the primary goals for internal communicators in 2024 (based on results from our recent internal comms trends survey) is engaging employees and creating a better workplace. We know it’s essential to recognize your employee’s efforts all year long, but since National Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner (it’s on March 1!),…

Can you use Hubspot for internal communications?

As a communications professional, you’re probably used to the idea of “making it work” with the tools and budget you have at your disposal. Many times, that’s whatever email tool the marketing team is already using for external communications: Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, Campaign Monitor, Emma, etc. But when it comes down to it: can you…

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