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275+ examples of employee survey questions

Whether you’re looking for a few interactive ideas to spice up your weekly newsletter or want to dig in for some real employee feedback, here’s a long (but nicely organized) list of survey questions that you can reference all year long! Here’s a handy table of contents if you’d like to skip to the section…

5 new ways to engage your employees via email

Jump to: Create a branded experience | Get feedback Add motion | Personalize the content | Add moments of delight Email is the #1 most-used form of internal communication and is part of the strategy for 97% of IC teams, according to our 2023 trends survey. But even though email has been around for decades, it still…

How to create a listserv

A listserv is a basic tool that gives an organization the ability to send an email to a group of people. It requires relatively little work, which is one reason this super out-of-date technology is still in use today (mostly in government, legal, and educational sectors). All you have to do is to create an…

Can you use an Outlook plugin for internal communications?

As a communications professional, you’re probably used to the idea of “making it work” with the tools and budget you have at your disposal. Many times, that’s whatever email client your company is already using (usually Outlook or Gmail). Of course, creating internal emails in straight-up Outlook is such a challenging experience: the designs are…

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