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Category: Intranet

25 of the best internal communications tools to try

Searching for internal communications tools and employee communication software is no small task – there are dedicated platforms for just about every facet of internal comms strategy. Each one promises to engage your internal audiences in one way or another, but there isn’t a single tool that will truly solve for the complexity of your…

Intranet names: best practices, ideas, and examples

The benefits of a company intranet reach far beyond just internal communications! Having a great central hub can have huge, tangible impacts on your bottom line and your employees’ wellbeing. But if you still need to sell your team on all the benefits of an intranet, here are 29 of them! Now let’s dive into naming your…

10 questions to ask before building an intranet on WordPress

Implementing a company intranet can be a big undertaking. There are different tools and platforms that can be used to power the backbone of an intranet; you can choose to get a custom one developed ($$$), look for software to assist you, or build it on a tool that your team is already using. Because…

The 29 clear benefits of a company intranet

Whether you’re a team of thirty or thirteen thousand, you’ve likely experienced the number one problem with internal communications today: too much information, and never the right stuff. Between all the Slack pings and the email threads and the software notifications, it’s really hard to sift through the noise and know or find the truly…

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