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3 steps to planning a successful company offsite, team retreat, sales incentive or meet-up

Picture this:  You’ve just received an email from your boss with the subject line, “Get ready for an amazing team experience!” Your mind races with curiosity and a touch of excitement…then a pit in your stomach…You’re the one responsible for making this team retreat…exciting. Quick, grab a pen and paper because we’ve got you covered…

Workshop + AI

These days, it’s hard to read any industry news without being bombarded with new AI applications. AI is moving faster than any tech wave in our lifetimes.  It’s a wild and exciting time – but also one that the world is approaching cautiously. You can read a thousand opinion pieces, but it’s hard to sift…

Employee newsletter ideas for June

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the year! And since June is stacked with so many important and festive holidays, observances, and events (and the official kickoff to summer!), there is an abundance of content that you can include in your June employee newsletter. Keep reading to check out the June holidays…

275+ examples of employee survey questions

Whether you’re looking for a few interactive ideas to spice up your weekly newsletter or want to dig in for some real employee feedback, here’s a long (but nicely organized) list of survey questions that you can reference all year long! Here’s a handy table of contents if you’d like to skip to the section…

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