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Employee newsletter ideas for April

Four months into the year, your April employee newsletters should feel like a breath of fresh air…but they shouldn’t take you an entire spring break to produce! So if you’re looking for a little content planning shortcut, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve culled and compiled and come up with a long, creative…

How to create an engaging internal communications newsletter

What is the purpose of an internal newsletter? The purpose of an internal newsletter is to inform, include, and inspire employees. You want to inform your teams about what’s happening in and outside of the organization; include their voices, stories, and accomplishments wherever possible; and inspire them to live the company’s values and reach its…

The top internal communication trends for 2024

We surveyed 100s of communicators from across the globe to get the scoop on what channels they are prioritizing in 2024, what channels they find most effective, their goals, hopes, & dreams, what challenges they are facing in their role today, and emerging trends in internal communications! So if you’re curious about exploring employee influencers…

Crafting an effective team charter (+ a free template!)

When it comes to teamwork, having a clear roadmap to encourage collaboration, transparency, and engagement is essential for any successful team! A team charter is a perfect tool not only to help guide your team to success but also to give new members valuable information. We’re exploring the practical reasons why a team charter is…

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