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5 new ways to engage employees via email

Date: Thursday, March 23 at 12 PM CT/1 PM ET
  • Quick tips and tricks to get more opens and clicks on your internal emails (like surveys, GIFs, and more)
  • How to template and structure your employee emails for better engagement
  • Ideas for encouraging feedback and personalizing content
  • A few of our favorite attention-grabbing subject lines
  • How to track the success of your emails and improve your strategy

Email is the #1 most-used form of internal communication and is part of the strategy for 97% of IC teams, according to our 2023 trends survey. But even though email has been around for decades, it still presents challenges for internal communicators: how do you send relevant, engaging content? How do you encourage employees to take action when they need to? How do you convince leaders and teams to contribute ideas and share internal news?

We’ll tackle these questions (and more) with five of our favorite ways to engage employees via email. Whether it’s embedding a quick survey or adding a snappy subject line, there are plenty of ways to reach across locations, departments, and generations to truly create and send interesting content to your teams.

We’ll also show off some of our best-performing email templates (and you can copy ’em for your own organization, too). Join us!

Meet the speakers:

Kaitlin Grohmann
VP of Customer Success at Workshop
Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
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