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An honest conversation about hybrid work

Date: Thursday, September 23 at 11 AM CT
  • Discover how experts and directors are actually approaching the shift to hybrid work (or what to do when it’s not an option)
  • Learn how to tackle the hard questions about hybrid with everyone from your executive team to frontline employees
  • Participate and interact by adding your expertise to the questions at hand
  • Ask your own questions about what’s working and what’s not as we navigate this massive shift in working models together
  • Identify ways to adapt your company’s communication style to succeed in the transition

Everywhere you look or listen, hybrid models are being celebrated as the “future of work.” But with offices re-opening left and right…where does that leave us all today?

Join the Workshop team and three absolutely outstanding panelists to have a realistic and transparent discussion about this massive shift in the way we structure our organizations, our schedules, and our lives. From tackling executive concerns to dialing in the details of day-to-day communication, we hope to address some of the major logistical questions that hybrid work inevitably brings up.

Audience participation at this event is encouraged. We want you to contribute your own expertise, submit questions via the Q&A form, and even hop on screen if you’d like.

This event is limited to 100 attendees! Register today to grab your spot.

Meet the panelists

Nadia Harris
Founder of
Alyssa Heusinger
People Partner at CircleCI
Nancy Wood
Director of Operations at Flawless Recruit
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