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July 27, 2021 at 12 PM CT

Creating a Multi-Channel Comms Plan

Join us for a workshop on crafting the most efficient internal communications strategy possible! Learn how communication plays a key role in the healthy function of an org, and the important factors and channels involved in creating a solid communications strategy for a company of any size.

In this 60-min. workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate with your employees and key stakeholders over several different channels, including email, Slack, SMS, and more
  • How internal communications plays a key role in creating a healthy, well-functioning organization
  • How to connect the dots between strategy, processes, and technology to improve the flow & quality of your communication
  • Plus, everyone in attendance will receive 3 free templates to help them craft their own multi-channel comms strategy!

During our very first Workshop Workshop, Joe and Dusty will talk you through a few of their favorite strategies and frameworks for creating an effective multi-channel communications strategy. Whether your employees feel disconnected from or overwhelmed by your current communications, we’ll help walk you through ways you can use an intentional strategy, great templates, and modern tech to help deliver your message quickly and effectively. Plus, there will be time for a live Q&A at the end of the session!

This event is limited to 50 attendees! Register today to grab your spot.

Meet the speakers

Joe Steuter
VP of Corporate Communications at Carson Group
Dusty Davidson
CEO and Co-Founder of Workshop

Register for the workshop

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