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December 27, 2021 @ 12 PM CT

Happy Monday Club LIVE!

A bi-weekly event series for communications, HR, and marketing professionals to start their week off on a positive note.

In just 30 minutes, you'll reset your week with:

  • Positive, practical resources to help you tackle whatever the week throws at you
  • A community of like-minded professionals to ask for advice or bounce ideas off of
  • A few moments for yourself mid-day to recharge, reset, and/or relax
  • Free giveaways and little surprises, guest speakers, and a few laughs here and there πŸ™‚

Start your week inspired and energized with this bi-weekly event series (inspired by our popular newsletter, the Happy Monday Club).

We’re all constantly being inundated with articles about the Great Resignation, unmotivated employees, bad leadership, poor cultures, COVID-19 challenges, and more. In the face of all that negative news and energy, we’ve carved out a space for positive, practical conversations about what’s going on in the world of work. Join us for a short, 30-minute session that’s sure to lift your spirits and prepare you to tackle the week head-on!

Co-hosted by the Workshop team and ICology, a community built by internal communicators for internal communicators.

Meet the speakers

Kristin Hancock
VP of Community & Engagement for ICology
Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop

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Start your week inspired and energized with our practical newsletter about positive company culture! It features actionable articles and little surprises, sent every Monday morning.

Happy Monday Club