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Live webinar

How to build an impactful and inspiring employer brand

Date: July 2
Time: 10 AM (CST)

You’ll leave this webinar with:

  • Compelling ways to get buy-in for your employer brand
  • Concrete steps to get employee feedback and audit your employer brand today
  • A template for creating your employee value proposition
  • Inspiring examples of our favorite employer brands
  • Simple, practical ideas to highlight your company values and culture 
  • How to measure the success of your employer brand initiative

Your employer brand is why people join, leave, or stay with your organization. Creating it is a team effort that includes comms, HR, marketing, and leadership… and all of your employees. With a good understanding of your goals, simple strategies can help your company be consistent, strategic, and meaningful in the way you talk about your work. And when employees feel included, everyone is an active participant in showcasing your employer brand.    

In this session, we’ll dive into all of this. We’ll cover how to get everyone on board with investing in employer branding, understanding what your brand really is, and practical tips you can use no matter your role. You’ll get real-life examples, some free tools to help out, and join in on a very active chat with people who are just as interested in this topic as you are!

Meet the speakers:

Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
John Rost
Content Marketing Director
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