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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

Adapt your internal comms for a hybrid workforce

The future of work requires a modern, multi-channel solution for company communications, and Workshop is perfectly built for it.

The best comms tool for hybrid teams in 2021

Send the right emails to the right employees at the right time

Easily segment your list and schedule sends for specific departments, locations, or even just "employees in the office on Tuesdays."

Know (for sure!) whether or not they've gotten the memo

With detailed analytics, you'll have a reliable way to make sure all of your employees are getting the message, wherever they might be working from.

Make your message more effective with multi-channel communication

Email is just the beginning! You can also send text notifications and push to Slack, too. Plus, all updates live asynchronously within Workshop (so you can see what you've missed at any time).

Hybrid work policy template

Post-COVID, you may be looking to enact a more flexible remote and/or hybrid work policy. We’ve crafted a policy template to help you get the documentation started, and it’s completely customizable! Feel free to use ours as a sample, too.


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