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See how to make every internal email a great experience during a live demo of Workshop! Grab your seat: icon

Create, send, manage and measure your employee benefits communications at scale

Open enrollment and benefits updates are a breeze with Workshop! Our communication software gives you everything you need to segment messages to different teams, re-send to unopeners, and track engagement and results.

Employee benefits communication software (& more!)

Experience your easiest open enrollment season ever

Segment messages, resend emails, and get your open enrollment deadlines met quicker than ever.

Target your messages to the right teams at the right time

Easily create custom distribution lists and schedule messages for specific time zones to make sure employees are only getting the information that's most relevant to them.

Empower and support your employee resource groups

Give your ERGs and internal advocates a platform to promote organizational goals, share resources, highlight wins, and build community.

Track which benefits and offerings are the most engaging/interesting to employees

Share information transparently across departments and reach your remote, hybrid, or deskless employees every time.

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