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Streamlined internal comms software for healthcare & hospitals

Create can't-miss employee emails and SMS push notifications to reach all of your employees, when and where you need to.

The best tool for internal communications in 2021

Go beyond emails & diversify your communication channels

Doctors and nurses aren't regularly at their desk, checking emails. Workshop gives your employees a single place to check in on what they've missed at the end of their shift, and offers text notifications for urgent updates.

Create more efficient, effective messages (in less time)

Clinicians waste an average of more than 45 minutes each day due to the use of outdated communication technologies, including the inefficiency of pagers, the lack of Wi-Fi availability, the inadequacy of email, and the inability to use text messaging.

Send the right emails to the right employees at the right time

Updates can be sent to the entire organization, or just targeted to specific audiences. For example: surgical staff only, or the entire cardiac care unit. This means the most relevant information is shared with those who need to see it, which avoids people tuning out (and ultimately not reading) your updates.

Survey your staff today

Find out what is and isn't working with your existing channels. This survey template is a great place to start whether you've had a formal strategy in place all along or are putting together an internal comms plan for the first time!

Download our survey template

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