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Measure your internal communications with Workshop's analytics

Go beyond opens and clicks and get a powerful dashboard that'll make it easier than ever to track the internal communication metrics you care about and prove your ROI.

Internal communication metrics
at their very best

The best internal communication metrics to track

Not sure where to start? Here's a great article listing out all of our favorite internal communication metrics to track (and where you can find them!)

Get actionable analytics for better internal communications

See a bird's-eye view of how your entire internal communications strategy is performing, so you can make any needed adjustments and better inform and engage your team in the future.

Never hear "I didn't get the email" again

If you're sending emails via a distribution list, you're probably missing out on vital open and click data across the list. We sync with your existing distribution lists, but break the data down so you can see which employees have (or haven't) engaged.

Master the art (and science!) of email once and for all

Email is the most widely used communication medium in almost every organization. With unlimited sends and unlimited admins, your entire team can learn how to create, send, and measure engaging and effective emails.

Track click data across departments, locations, and more

Know whether your email campaign is relevant and see if your employees are taking action, opening PDFs, reading full announcements, clicking through to your name it!

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