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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

A modern-day alternative to listservs

If you’re using a listserv to communicate with employees, Workshop is the go-to alternative. Segment your emails, see your success metrics, automatically manage your email lists, and so much more!

The best tool for internal communications in 2021

Communicate across multiple channels

Using something like Workshop gives you the option to send a message via multiple channels of communication (email, SMS, and Slack, to start) all at once, so you don’t have to copy/paste the same message in different places.

Get detailed metrics on engagement & performance

Don't just fire emails off into the universe! Our analytics help you understand your return on investment and really gauge and improve your emails.

Stop manually managing your email list

Workshop offers automated list management, so you can focus on improving your internal communications instead of handling really mundane list management tasks.

20 ideas for creating an engaging employee newsletter

If your team is going to put the time and effort into making a company newsletter (and you haven’t found a way to automate it yet), you want to make sure people will put in the effort to read it. With that, here are a handful of our top tips to create a more engaging company newsletter!

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