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The #1 alternative to Mailchimp for internal comms

Mailchimp was never intended for internal, employee-facing use cases. As a result, it can (and will) present serious barriers to your day-to-day workflow, the way your employees receive information, and the success of your efforts.

Workshop vs. Mailchimp

Get employee distribution lists that are always up-to-date

We integrate with over 20 major HR technology providers, so you don't have to manually manage employee distribution lists any longer.

Avoid unsubscribes and deliverability issues

Because Workshop is dedicated entirely to internal communications, the unsubscribe link isn't included by default, so you don't have to worry about employees missing critical company information.

Know your internal emails are secure

Mailchimp automatically create web links to every email that are viewable by anyone, anywhere.Sending through an internal communications platform like Workshop means that your emails will be secure, and that if you want a web version of your email, that version of the email will always have to be authenticated by SSO.

Push notifications to multiple communications channels

Unlike Mailchimp, Workshop offers additional notification channels (including Slack, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Teams) to reach your employees across all of the channels they use the most.

Compare & contrast

Workshop offers everything you need, right up front! We're built to improve the workflows of both big and small communications teams, and to sync up with the tools and channels that you use the most. See why dozens of organizations have switched to Workshop!

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