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Effortlessly personalize your emails to employees

Create relevant content and boost engagement with Workshop's email personalization features! Automatically customize specific words, sections, CTAs, and templates to truly engage your employees in a unique, better-than-ever email experience.

Easily create relevant, targeted internal comms

Go beyond employees' first names

Hello, you! While a nice personalized greeting is always great, our merge tags allow you to personalize an email with any content or custom field you can think of.

Display different content for different audiences

With audience segmentation, you can create content that’s displayed based on an employee’s list membership. It makes it easy to customize any row of your email by location, department, role, and more!

Follow up with non-openers (with just a few quick clicks!)

Need your team to hit that CTA? It's easy to create a follow-up email in Workshop to send to those who didn't open it the last time.

Easy list management = easy segmentation

You can import a CSV of contacts with any custom field you might need, then create distribution lists to match. Create lists of employees based on their location, role, dietary preferences, open enrollment statuses, favorite colors, you name it!

See how Workshop can boost engagement with your internal comms!


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