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Reach, engage, & inform your retail employees via email and SMS

Deliver news to your entire retail team via a seamless, mobile-friendly email and SMS platform.

Powerful & engaging retail communications software

Reach your retail team in the most effective way — via mobile

Your teams are in the field or on the floor, and it's important that they can get access to mission-critical information via mobile-friendly emails or urgent SMS messages.

Know (for sure!) whether or not they've gotten the memo

Pass on posters and printed PDFs. With detailed analytics, you'll have a reliable way to make sure all of your employees are getting the message.

Keep your employee lists up-to-date at all times

You don't need to manually edit or update CSVs; we integrate with all of the most common HR and payroll providers, so you can confidently email your current team by department, role, or location.

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