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BYOD Policy & Agreement Template

Create and implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy with this template and provide guidelines for any employee who will use personally-owned wireless devices for work-related purposes.

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How to use this BYOD policy template

We’ve created our bring-your-own-device policy as a sample that you can download as a Google doc, Word doc, and PDF. Our 9-page version encompasses everything we could think of when it comes to employees using their own devices for work, including reimbursement, security, safety, privacy, and more.

We define a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy as one that surrounds privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic handheld equipment. Companies choose to allow or even encourage employees to use their own devices for work; though it does bring up some privacy and safety concerns, you’ll find that it may be easier to reach and engage a frontline employee if they’re receiving information on one device.

Your bring-your-own-device policy should be a collaboration between your IT, HR, and legal departments; however, this template is a really nice kickstart to that process, and should encompass a variety of needs and industries.

Download this template:
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What you'll find in this BYOD policy template (and quick tips!)

Our BYOD policy and agreement does a great job of covering all the bases and potential concerns that an employer may have about their employees using a personal cell phone or laptop for work.

It includes:

  • The scope of the policy and what devices it includes
  • Who the policy applies to
  • What protocols must be followed if you accept this BYOD agreement
  • The roles & responsibilities of the company, IT department, and the individual employee
  • Safety measures (like password length) and restrictions on authorized use
  • Privacy and company access details
  • Help and support
Download this template:
google doc
word doc