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COVID-19 Return to Office Survey Template

How do your employees feel about returning to the office after two years of working remotely during the pandemic? Our customizable survey template includes all the questions you'd want to ask your teams to help quickly and effectively understand any concerns they may have, and find out what might make them feel more comfortable about returning to the office.

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How to use this return to office survey template

As restrictions are lifted and offices across the country begin to re-open, you may be wondering where to start in crafting a “return the office plan.” We recommend to kick it all off with a complete survey of your employees; following lockdown, it’ll give you all the information you need and help you understand where to prioritize. You can use this return to office survey template to check in on how your employees are doing today, and use it as an opportunity to create a more well-informed and strategic plan for building a hybrid model or officially returning to the office.

This return-to-the-office survey template contains 44 questions and 5 sections, covering a variety of topics. Some questions are similar but are asked a few different ways, so you can capture sentiment and share those results quickly, but also dig into the longer, free-response questions later. It is completely customizable to your company’s needs and requires no additional software to use. You can download it as an Excel file or Google Sheet and use the survey tool of your choice to deliver it (like Typeform or SurveyMonkey).

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What you'll find in this return to office survey template (and quick tips!)

One of the most challenging parts of the pandemic is that it has completely blurred the line between work and life, due to its far-reaching impact; your employees may be homeschooling, caring for sick family members, or they may have become the sole source of income for their families. They may have a great home office setup, or they may be eager to come back into a collaborative space. They may have health risks of their own to worry about. No matter what the case is, you won’t know until you ask! And beyond that, it’s crucially important for your employees to feel seen and heard during this time, and this is one way to ensure their needs and emotions are documented and play a role in the planning process.

Our survey covers a few different key topics: remote work, concerns, motivating factors, support, and demographic/environment information. It provides a well-balanced view into that employee’s experience for the last year, and also gauges their level of comfort in returning to the office in the near future, with safety precautions still in place.

In most cases, we’ve found that employers haven’t decided to mandate or incentivize a vaccine or not; we’ve allowed this survey space to ask questions about it and get a sense of how the company might embrace or reject that idea.

Here is a sample of the questions included:

  • What (if any) are your biggest concerns about returning to the workplace?
  • Which of the following would make you more comfortable returning to the office?
  • Which of the following would make you upset if implemented or required at the office?
  • What is your ideal working arrangement from now until the end of the year?
  • What motivates you the most about returning to the office?
  • Prior to COVID-19, did you work remotely?
  • Are you a people manager?
Download this template:
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