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Employee Contact List Template

Organize your employees' contact information with this free downloadable spreadsheet template! Create a list of employee emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more.

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How to use this employee contact list template

Start with the basics with this simple employee contact list template! Whether you’re gathering up information for a new system or want to do a round of verification for all of your employees, this spreadsheet can help provide a great starting point for collecting employee email addresses, phone numbers, personal mailing addresses, office locations, and more. We’ve also included some fields that you may not find on other contact lists templates, like department email addresses, or physical mailing addresses in an easy-to-export form (so many times, you need to import addresses into another system by street name, city, and state).

Here are a few ways you can use this employee contact list template:

  • Gathering contact information for employees who don’t have corporate email addresses
  • Keeping track of who should be on specific department or team contact lists (like or
  • Easily export a list of physical mailing addresses for an upcoming local event or gift
  • Verify personal phone numbers in the event of an emergency (this number, and mailing addresses, tend to be out of date)

What you can find in this employee contact list template

If you’re just looking for a super simple shortcut to create your employee contact list, this template will do the trick! We’ve automatically included fields for all of the classic contact information you might need: phone number, email address, location, personal mailing address, etc. There are also fields for department and manager contact information, as well as places for alternate info (for example, if your employees aren’t issued corporate email addresses, you can add those alternates in).

Of course, you can customize this to all of your company’s contact needs!

Download this template:

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