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Employee Emergency Contact Form Template

This sample employee emergency contact form is a simple way to collect the information of who to contact (family, close friends, etc.) in the event of an emergency. Available as a Google doc, Word doc, or PDF!

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How to use this emergency contact form template

This sample employee emergency contact form is simple onboarding document that your new hires or existing employees can fill out to provide you with their emergency contact information; essentially, who should be contacted as soon as possible in the event that an emergency occurs. This is also a great place for them to any other voluntary information that they think you might need to know in case of an emergency, such as food allergies or allergies to any medications.

Typically, companies collect this information as part of new hire onboarding (though it is recommended to verify that this information is correct with your employees at least once a year). You can collect it manually via this form and enter the information yourself, or you can use the information in this form to create a Google Form or something similar to help automate the process a bit. Keep in mind that this information should be kept private and only accessed in the event of an emergency; the emergency contact’s information should not be used in any other capacity!

This is also a critical part of creating a company-wide crisis communications plan. Not only do you want to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency for a single employee, but you want to ensure that the company on the whole is prepared in the event of any kind of larger scale emergency. Larger scale emergencies don’t necessarily mean life-or-death scenarios, either; they can include things like inclement weather, system failures, PR crises, and more.


What you'll find in this emergency contact form template

This template is available as a Google doc, Word doc, or PDF! It’s simple, streamlined, and totally customizable for your company’s needs. You’ll find basic contact information, as well as spaces for two emergency contacts and an area where employees can voluntarily disclose any allergies or other medical alerts that they’d like their employer to be aware of.

Download this template:

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