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Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Use this online form template to streamline the process of nominating the employee of the month in your company.

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What you’ll find in this template (& quick tips!)

Our Employee of the Month nomination form is designed to be a simple template for nominating an employee for outstanding performance. It’s available as a Google Doc, Word doc, or PDF, and can be completely customized for your company’s needs. (You can also easily create a Google Form or SurveyMonkey template, too, if you’d prefer to capture all of this information digitally!)

Our nomination form captures the typical employee details (name, title, department) and the recent event or reason for nominating the employee.

We’ve also included two additional questions that build on company culture a bit more:

1.) What company value(s) did they display? Tying the employee’s outstanding achievements back to company values is such a great way to reinforce them for your entire staff.

2.) How would you describe this employee in 3 words? Totally optional, but we’ve found that a question like this is good way to create a framework of positive qualities that other employees can emulate.

How to use this nomination form as a part of your Employee of the Month program

Collecting these nomination forms gives an equal opportunity for all employees to be a part of the program, and allows you to recognize the incredible contributions of people who you may not work with on a super regular basis. 

The way you use this form to qualify and select employees depends on the goal of your particular program. Often, it’s to recognize great work at all levels; we often see companies exclude executives and high-level managers for this reason. (Other exemptions may be really recent hires, contractors, etc.)

In terms of selecting which employee “wins,” you can involve senior leadership, but try to make the process as transparent as possible. Creating a framework may help you approach each nomination objectively.

For the nominees that aren’t selected as the Employee of the Month, there are a few things you can do to still make them feel recognized and valued: 

  • Give honorable mentions to all other nominees
  • Let employees know as soon as they’re nominated
  • Give out special awards for “most nominated” at the end of the year 

All in all, you want to make sure the process is as fair and equitable as you can make it. This may require some extra encouragement: you’ll often find that one department naturally embraces nominating their peers, while another department is super heads down and modest. In that case, reach out to the department head and directly encourage them to be a part of the process.

While Employee of the Month honors can seem a little old-school, a well-executed employee recognition program can have such a fantastic impact on your team. It can help build company loyalty, highlight great attitudes and attributes (outside of pure employee performance metrics), and build your culture. Plus, it’s a great idea to include them as an engaging part of your all-company newsletter! 

Download this template:

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