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Month: December 2023

Can you use Hubspot for internal communications?

As a communications professional, you’re probably used to the idea of “making it work” with the tools and budget you have at your disposal. Many times, that’s whatever email tool the marketing team is already using for external communications: Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, Campaign Monitor, Emma, etc. But when it comes down to it: can you…

45+ employee newsletter ideas for January 2024

It’s January (Happy New Year!), and a lot of folks are working through their holiday hangover! You may be wondering how to get your employees to bounce back from the holidays and re-engage with your content and goals. Never fear; we have compiled 45+ fun and creative employee newsletter ideas for January to ease your…

How to engage global teams with internal communications

Reaching a global team can be both a thrilling opportunity and a daunting challenge. With diverse cultures, languages, and time zones in play, the key to success lies in crafting emails that transcend boundaries and resonate with every single member of your international workforce. Let’s dive into the art of global communication, with a focus…

The top internal communication trends for 2024

We surveyed 100s of communicators from across the globe to get the scoop on what channels they are prioritizing in 2024, what channels they find most effective, their goals, hopes, & dreams, what challenges they are facing in their role today, and emerging trends in internal communications! So if you’re curious about exploring employee influencers…

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