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Build your own distribution lists any time you need them

We sync with your best source of employee data so you can create segmented lists that are always up-to-date (without the need for an IT request).

Send with confidence


Build your own distribution lists

No need to get the IT team involved; Workshop syncs with your HRIS or Outlook so you automatically have the employee info you need.


Schedule your sends

Create all of your communications at once & schedule them to go out when you want: by time zone, at the end of a shift, you name it.


Cross-post to other channels

Integrate with all of the communications channels you and your team uses the most: Slack, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, & more.


Preview your messages

See exactly how each message will look when your employees receive them. Workshop’s visual preview tools allow you to send in confidence.


Generate a QR code for any email

With one click, you can create a QR code and use it for tabletop signage, office displays, breakroom posters, you name it!


Focus on quality, not quantity

Workshop’s pricing isn’t based on the number of emails you send, so you can communicate as often as you need.


Keep your information secure

We configure SSO for user security, which adds an extra layer of authentication to ensure your email can’t be accessed outside of the company.


Re-send important emails

Send reminders to the people who need them by re-sending an email to those who didn’t open it the first time.

Create a proactive employee communications strategy

Target employees with custom distribution lists

Easily target the correct team or locations with our employee lists. Craft your message, add recipients, and send!

Sync with your HRIS for always up-to-date distribution lists

With Automatic Lists, you’re able to build powerful, dynamic distribution lists using data from within your company’s HR system of choice.

Notify employees via text, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more

Have frontline or mobile teams? Share information with your employees via text, Slack, or Teams, so they can read it right on their device.

Schedule your communications

Get ahead of your to-do list with scheduled emails and text messages. Or, schedule sends during the correct timezone so your remote employees receive the update at the right time.


We effortlessly sync with your HR data

Stop wasting time with workarounds; we’ll set up and sync your employee lists! (Workshop offers more HRIS integrations than any other tool.)

Get full control over sending & segmenting internal emails


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