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Set your team up for success with powerful workflow tools & automation

Reach employees quickly
and easily via text

When your teams are on the move, in the field, or on the floor, it's important to be able to communicate with them directly and instantly! Workshop offers seamless and super fast two-way texting that's easy to add to your existing internal email efforts.

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Workshop feature comparison

Basic Enhanced Premium
Email content
Drag-and-drop functionalitycheckcheckcheck
Template library
Our community template library comes with 20+ pre-built email templates for you to customize!
Mobile/responsive designcheckcheckcheck
Send emails as your leadership team, other departments, etc.
CSV imports checkcheckcheck
Shareable URLcheckcheckcheck
QR codes
Create a QR code for your email to add to tabletops, office displays, etc.
Media library (images, videos, etc.) checkcheckcheck
Bulk uploading of assetscheckcheckcheck
Campaign archives
Organize all of the emails from a single campaign into one convenient web-based page (and a single shareable link).
Distribution list managementManualManualAutomatic
Unsplash photo integration
Get access to over 2 million free stock images and photos in Workshop’s email builder!
Merge tags
Personalize your content for every recipient by using fields within your synced data source, like first name or location.
Audience segmentation
Create dynamic content based on employee list membership (like new hire date, role, or location.)
Custom fontscheckcheck
AI-assisted features
Smart Assist is our new set of AI-powered features that are designed to offer helpful suggestions at common sticking points during the creative process.
Send from multiple domainscheck
Time zone sendingcheck
Language translationcheck
Custom link tracking$
Dedicated IP address$
Email analytics
Open, click, read time, and device analyticscheckcheckcheck
Filter by department, role, location, etc. checkcheckcheck
Filter by custom propertiescheckcheckcheck
Campaign tagging & analyticscheckcheckcheck
Monthly email performance summariescheckcheckcheck
Individual recipient engagement datacheckcheckcheck
Downloadable PDF reportscheckcheckcheck
Embedded surveyscheckcheck
Analytics API$
Admin & security
Base licensesIncludes 5 adminsIncludes 5 adminsIncludes 10 admins
Additional employees/recipientsContact for pricingContact for pricingContact for pricing
Additional admins$250/ea.$250/ea.$250/ea.
Unlimited admins$
Penetration testingcheckcheckcheck
Access controlcheckcheckcheck
SOC 2 Type II checkcheckcheck
24/7 monitoringcheckcheckcheck
Automatic encrypted backupscheckcheckcheck
Disaster recoverycheckcheckcheck
GDPR compliantcheckcheckcheck
Automatic updates (including configuration, patches, and new features)checkcheckcheck
Unlimited storagecheckcheckcheck
Single Sign On (SSO)checkcheck
Guaranteed uptime$
EU-based servers$
Outlook/Microsoft Exchangecheckcheckcheck
Azure Active Directorycheckcheckcheck
Google Workspacecheckcheckcheck
UKG Procheck
ADP Workforce Nowcheck
SAP SuccessFactorscheck
Ceridian Dayforcecheck
Cross-posting integrations
Microsoft Teamscheckcheck
Services & support
Email supportcheckcheckcheck
Phone and chat supportcheckcheck
Dedicated account managementcheckcheck
Onboarding managementcheckcheckcheck
Software training for new userscheckcheck
24x7x365 support $
Support SLA$
Workflow features
Communications calendarcheckcheckcheck
Template managementcheckcheckcheck
Campaign managementcheckcheckcheck
User roles managementcheck
Permission managementcheck
Early access to new featurescheck
Unlimited admins$
Dedicated IP address$
Support SLA$
24x7x365 support $
Guaranteed uptime$
Analytics API$
Custom link tracking$
EU-based servers$
Additional channels
Two-way SMS communications$$$

Here is Workshop's full
feature list in a shareable PDF!

Make every internal email
a great experience

Easily create, send, manage, and measure engaging email campaigns and internal communications with Workshop.

All Workshop accounts include:

The easiest
email editor ever

We’ve created Workshop to be the most intuitive drag-and-drop email editor you’ve ever used — it can be learned fully in minutes and doesn’t require any prior design or HTML knowledge.

Unlimited email
sends & templates

No arbitrary limits here; you can create and send as many emails as you’d like! Spin up custom templates, send to non-openers, and deliver on YOUR strategy.

& IT support

We’ll work directly with your IT team to ensure that your emails are configured properly! You won’t ever have to worry about “external sender” messages, unsubscribes, or wondering if the email was sent at all.

send times

No spam folders, no unsubscribes, no long processing delays: we’ll continually check to ensure that your emails are delivered into inboxes as reliably and as fast as possible.

At least 5 admins

Give your coworkers and stake-holders access to the platform to check in on analytics, review email content, and more.

Powerful (& exportable)

Demonstrate your impact with the analytics you need, from clicks to read time to devices. You can even filter all your data by department, role, or any custom property you can think of.

Frequently asked questions (answered!)

What is pricing based off of?

Our pricing is determined by three main factors:

  1. The number of employees/recipients you’ll be sending to
  2. How many users will be creating & sending emails
  3. What integrations you need

We’re happy to provide you with a pricing range right off the bat, and give you a specific quote and proposal once we learn more!

Do you offer an enterprise plan?

Yes, we do! For customers with more than 10,000 employees, we are more than happy to offer custom enterprise plans. In addition to the features listed above, these plans also come with uptime and support SLAs. We will also work closely with you throughout the entire internal process and help you navigate any needed conversations or documentation for procurement, IT, legal, key stakeholders…you name it! Just email us at and we’re happy to talk through the details.

Do you provide discounts for non-profit organizations?

You bet — just ask!

Is there a minimum number of employees?

Not at all! Whether you’re a team of 100 or 100,000, you can use Workshop. (Just note that our most basic plan does start at $250/month.)

Do you integrate or sync with ______?

We sync with Microsoft Active Directory, Outlook Exchange, and/or Google for employee distribution lists! You also have the option to integrate directly with your HRIS or payroll provider.

Here’s our current list of integrations, and we’re continuing to expand it every day! Get in touch with us about any specific requests or share your preferred partner. (Please note that custom integrations may incur additional costs.)

Do you charge any additional fees for setup, support, onboarding, or training?

You’ll get all of the support outlined in the above plans, and we don’t charge any hidden or additional setup, onboarding, or training fees (even for enterprise-level companies).

Plus, it’s very easy to get started with Workshop, so you shouldn’t need a huge time commitment to get up and running!

Can I get a free trial first?

You sure can! We’re more than happy to set you and your team up with a free 14-day trial of Workshop, so you can create your own templates and get a sense of how it’ll streamline your workflow.

Just contact us to get started!

Why should I choose Workshop over a marketing email tool like Mailchimp or Constant Contact?

While those tools are absolutely amazing for external marketing to prospects and customers, they were never intended for internal, employee-facing use cases!

Here are some of the top reasons why companies choose us instead:

  • Distribution lists: We actively sync with your employee data sources (whether that’s in AD or your HR/payroll system) so your lists are always up-to-date and you don’t have to manually add or remove employees.
  • Security: These platforms automatically create links to every email that are viewable by anyone, anywhere.
  • Deliverability: Often, emails sent from these providers wind up in employees’ spam or promotional folders in their inbox. Plus, they can even unsubscribe….yikes!
  • Analytics: With Workshop, you can segment your data by department, location…even drill down and see exactly which employees are engaging with the email.
  • Integrations: We connect to the tools that internal communicators use (Slack, Sharepoint, Teams, etc.), rather than the ones that external marketers use (Hubspot, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • Usability: You don’t need to have expert-level HTML knowledge to create a really beautiful, branded email template. Workshop’s drag-and-drop email editor is incredibly easy to use (our customers tell us it literally saves them hours each week).

Get practical help
from a true tech partner

Getting started is easy! We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to make the process from purchasing to implementing Workshop a complete breeze. We’ve been there before and are more than happy to help at every single stage (whether that’s getting budget approval, stakeholder buy-in, IT implementation, you name it)!


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