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Let’s create more happy Mondays

We believe in any organization’s ability to be a great place to work, and strive to support the individuals and teams who are working consistently every day to create positive, engaged, and well-connected company cultures.


Our story

We believe that internal communication is the most vital part of a company’s culture, but scaling it is really difficult. We have seen this in organizations of all shapes and sizes, and are determined to fix it. After all, getting this right can have huge upsides, from boosting your bottom line to improving your employees’ well-being.

Our three founders (say hi to Ben, Rick, and Derek!) have a history of building positive, engaged company cultures, with 50+ years of combined experience building and scaling software companies.

The secret to their success? Intentional, efficient internal communications. Finding a truly dedicated tool to help, however, has been a whole different story…so we’ve spent the last two years building our own, with a focus on the one channel that’s always been at the center of every single comms strategy: email.

Welcome to Workshop!

Our values

Our values shape how we approach our daily work, how we interact with our teammates and customers, and how we define success.

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We’re building an internal communication platform designed to keep your teams informed, connected, and engaged.

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