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Let’s create more happy Mondays

Great cultures drive great results. At Workshop, we strive to help companies build incredible company cultures through effective internal communication, so your teams can look forward to the start of the work week and the weekend.

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How do I log in to payroll?
Who leads that team?
Where can I get the new logo?
When did this launch??
Where can I see the product roadmap?
No one knows what’s going on.

Every growing business will hear these words. Internal communication is the most vital part of a company’s culture, but scaling internal communications is really difficult. We have seen this in organizations of all shapes and sizes, and are determined to fix it. After all, getting this right can have huge upsides, from boosting your bottom line to improving your employees’ well-being.

Our founders have a history of creating positive, engaged company cultures, with experience building and scaling software companies.

Their secret to success? Intentional, efficient internal communications.

Finding a tool to help, however, has been a whole different story. We’ve done it all: built intranets, bought intranets, forced other tools to try to be intranets…we even one look at Sharepoint and ran away screaming. (Kidding. Kind of.)

None of the solutions out there felt quite right…so we built our own.

Welcome to Workshop!

Our team

Ben Stevinson
Co-founder & CTO
Derek Homann
Co-founder & CCO
Dusty Davidson
Co-founder & CEO
Jamie Bell
VP, Marketing
Jess Spangler
Sr. Account Executive
Rick Knudtson
Co-founder & CPO

Press box

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