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Track your results with advanced email analytics

Go beyond open rates to measure the effectiveness of your internal emails, improve your communications strategy, and increase engagement across your company.

All the info you need in one place


Track results of your emails

Measure clicks, open rates, and see which employees have (and haven’t) read the email.


Individually identify recipients

We break down the data from lists, so you get an accurate read across the entire audience.


Get real-time analytics

Within minutes of sending out your communications, you’ll be able to see exactly how it’s performing.


Measure multiple channels

Push your message to Slack, and/or Sharepoint and be sure your message is received and repeated as needed.


See a holistic view of campaign data

Get a simple, bird’s-eye view of how an entire campaign is doing with rolled-up reporting across all emails and touchpoints.


Explore another way to measure engagement

See a snapshot of performance right from your dashboard. View total touchpoints, recipients, and engagement over time.


Clearly know your next steps

Create reminders and follow-up messages for employees who are harder to reach.


Improve your strategy over time

Discover what content performs the best, who is the least engaged, what days to send emails, and so much more.

Improve your communications strategy with actionable data

Get impressive graphs to share with stakeholders

We’ve made our analytics beautiful and easy to understand, so you can take all the screenshots you need to share with stakeholders and showcase the ROI of your campaign.

Have all the data you need, right out of the box

There’s no need to fumble through spreadsheets, add links “just to track,” or design your own internal communication reports in Excel.

Get to an “ah-ha!” moment (and then do something about it)

Our actionable insights make it easy for you to see what’s working, act on it, and help shape decision-making in the future.

Beautiful, actionable, and downloadable reports

Workshop gives you the ability to download any email's analytics. Share beautifully designed reports with your team and leadership. (We promise, they'll be impressed!)

Measure the effectiveness of your internal comms strategy


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