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How to create employee influencers

This session will cover: How to encourage employees to naturally share more on social media The difference between thought leaders, advocates, and influencers Specific ideas for working with the CEO (your #1 employee influencer), and more!

How to bridge the communication gap with managers

This session will cover: Quick ways to empower managers to enhance their communications game, tips to create alignment and avoid misunderstandings in comms, ways to bridge the comms gap within middle management, plus, a free manager communication cascade template

How to create an engaging newsletter

This session will cover: Practical tips for starting your internal communications newsletter, essential content to increase employee engagement, crafting creative subject lines for higher open rates, measuring the success of an internal newsletter

The only four tools needed in internal comms

This session will cover: The power of an internal email tool, efficient SMS options (and how to communicate with employees using SMS), the impact of an instant messaging tool, the benefits of a centralized hub, ways to streamline your internal communications strategy

How communicators can lead with confidence

This session will cover: Conversations around empowering communicators to become strategic partners, strategies for promoting yourself as a communications leader within your organization, positive approaches to making a strong case for investing more in comms, and more

Inclusivity & DEI in internal comms with Advita Patel

This session will cover: Expert insights from Advita Patel, conversations around building a culture of inclusivity, insights on the role that internal communicators have with DEI in the workplace, and more

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