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Couldn't make it to one of our latest webinars? No worries! You can watch many of our past digital events on-demand. (Plus, we’ll even send you all the resources that were covered!)

How to create an engaging newsletter

While the internal communications team is responsible for curating, creating, sending, and measuring the company newsletter, the content should tell the story of the individuals working there. Join us as we dive into practical tips and impactful ways to create an engaging newsletter.

The only four tools needed in internal comms

Are you tired of navigating a maze of countless internal communication tools that wind up making you feel overwhelmed and overloaded? (The complete opposite effect on what you're trying to accomplish!) Join us as we cover the only four tools needed in internal communications in 2024!

How communicators can lead with confidence

Join us for a panel discussion on how communicators can lead with confidence. We’ll cover everything from how to promote yourself as a communications leader within your organization to answering questions about how to prove ROI and how to generate more executive buy-in and investment in comms.

Inclusivity & DEI in internal comms with Advita Patel

Advita answers questions to help internal communicators, HR managers, and business leaders engage employees and make them feel valued. We know this is often a sensitive topic with a specific set of circumstances, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide a forum for you to get those questions answered by an expert. Get the practical advice you’ve been looking for when it comes to DEI and comms!

The internal comms metrics that matter

Join us as we dive into the internal comms metrics that matter. We’ll cover everything from direct measures of success (like email analytics, campaign effectiveness, and employee advocacy) to indirect measures of success (like employee engagement data, progress toward company goals, and more).

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