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On-demand webinar

How to create an engaging internal newsletter

Date: Originally aired on February 22, 2024

This webinar will cover:

  • Practical tips for starting your internal communications newsletter 
  • Essential content to increase employee engagement 
  • Crafting creative subject lines for higher open rates 
  • Measuring the success of an internal newsletter

Here’s the thing: we find that the best internal newsletters don’t just come “from the desk” of the internal communications team. You truly are the voice of the company, and you should embrace that role and send a company newsletter that really tells the story of the individuals who work there. Sure, the internal communications team handles curation, creation, and distribution, but the goal is for every team member to see themselves in the newsletter. Join us as we dive into how to create an engaging and impactful internal newsletter.


Meet the speakers:

Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
Kelsey Kingdon
Marketing Strategist
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