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A delıghtful internal communications platform
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Workshop is the perfect bridge between your company’s always-on instant messaging and always-outdated knowledge base.

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Hi! Welcome to Workshop.

We’re here to help you:

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Create a single source of truth

Replace your newsletter, company-wide emails, memos, internal blogs, and more with one communication platform.

Communicate more efficiently

Share information with a targeted audience both asynchronously and in real-time, via email, SMS, or Slack.

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Measure engagement

Get a real-time analysis of your message and see exactly who has read and/or engaged with it.

Connect with employees

Create feedback loops with comments and reactions, and have employees subscribe to the news that’s most relevant to them.

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Centralize your company’s important information

Expand your internal communications and boost employee engagement with our modern take on the all-company intranet.

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Employee directory
  • Pinned resources
  • Team hubs
  • …and more!
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Simplify your internal comms today!

We’ll even onboard your entire company (for free).