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Start having focused meetings.

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Workshop makes your company’s meetings focused and actionable. Join the waitlist today.

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Turn your meetings into productive workspaces

Quickly build agendas

Create agendas with assigned owners and meeting resources in just a few seconds.

Collaboratively take notes

Record notes, track decisions, and create action items together in real-time within Workshop's reimagined notes.

View everything in one place

With Workshop, your team has a single place to visit to view outcomes from every team meeting.

Work with the tools you use

Combine your meetings with the tools you already love with Workshop’s suite of integrations.

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"Workshop made meetings productive again. And fun! I don't know how we worked before. I'm so happy we found this."

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$0 /month
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited users
  • Agendas
  • Collaborative notes
  • Prep & summary emails
  • Productivity commands
  • Basic integrations
  • Email support
  • Premium integrations
  • Multiple calendars
  • Advanced Search
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • and more....


$9 /month/user
  • Everything in Starter plus...
  • Premium integrations
  • Multiple calendars
  • Linked meetings
  • Priority support
  • Editing/Sharing permissions
  • Agenda Templates
  • Advanced Search
  • and more....

Workshop plays well with the tools your team already loves.

Workshop is where work starts, but we know it’s not the only place where work happens. That’s why we integrate with the tools your team already loves. Automatically save Zoom recordings, push tasks to Asana and Trello, or create a new Slack channel while you’re still in the meeting.