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On-demand webinar

The only four tools needed in internal comms

Date: Originally aired on January 18, 2024

This webinar will cover:

  • The power of an internal email tool
  • Efficient SMS options (and how to communicate with employees using SMS)
  • The impact of an instant messaging tool
  • The benefits of a centralized hub
  • Ways to streamline your internal communications strategy

Are you tired of navigating a maze of countless internal communication tools that wind up making you feel overwhelmed and overloaded? (The complete opposite effect on what you’re trying to accomplish!) Join us as we cover the only four tools needed in internal communications in 2024! That’s right, just four tools…and all of them should feel really familiar to your employees and super easy for you to use.


Meet the speakers:

Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
Kelsey Kingdon
Marketing Strategist
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