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On-demand webinar

How communicators can lead with confidence

Date: Originally aired on November 14, 2023

This panel session includes:

  • Conversations around empowering communicators to become strategic partners
  • Strategies for promoting yourself as a communications leader within your organization
  • Positive approaches to making a strong case for investing more in comms
  • We’ll even include a monthly internal comms report template!

Internal communicators directly impact outcomes like employee engagement, productivity, morale, and even revenue and should be considered strategic partners in any organization! But it can sometimes feel hard to promote ourselves within a company and make a strong case for investing more in internal comms.

Join Kerry-Ann Stimpson, CMO of JMMB Group Jamaica and Podcast Host of The Internal Marketing Podcast, Mike Klein, Founder of #WeLeadComms, Jamie Bell, VP of Marketing at Workshop, and Kristin Hancock, VP of ICology in a panel discussion on how communicators can lead with confidence!


Meet the speakers:

Kerry-Ann Stimpson
CMO of JMMB Group Jamaica, Podcast Host of The Internal Marketing Podcast
Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
Mike Klein
Founder of #WeLeadComms
Kristin Hancock (Moderator)
VP of ICology
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