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Monthly Internal Comms Report

This monthly report is a great resource to help you compile your internal comms efforts, successes, opportunities, and key metrics so you can present a nicely organized report (and showcase the value of your internal comms efforts!) to key stakeholders and leadership!

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How to use this monthly internal comms report

We love using this monthly internal comms report template to break down data into digestible insights! It’s a great way to identify trends, share success stories, and spot areas for improvement. 

A few things we suggest including are:

📝 A summary of your overall performance so all stakeholders know what you’ll be covering in your report

🏀 3-4 real “slam dunks” for the month! Consider sharing your best-performing email or intranet post.

🥇 A qualitative story about your “gold medal” winner for the month.

📈 A table to showcase your KPIs.

📊 A section for opportunities or areas to improve. Share details of a metric your team is focusing on next month.


How to use this monthly internal comms report:

This template is available as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Doc! It’s simple, streamlined, and totally customizable for your company’s needs.

Download this template:

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