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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

Organize your emails with internal communications campaigns

Workshop gives you everything you need to create, collaborate, send, manage, and measure world-class internal communication campaigns from one central place.

Execute a more proactive internal communications strategy

Measure the effectiveness of your efforts across a campaign

No need to stitch together channel data or metrics from one-off emails; you can see how your messages have performed across the entire campaign. Plus, you can break down your campaign analytics by department, location, and more.

Create a single archive of your email sends for easy reference

Our “campaign archive” feature neatly organizes all of the emails from a single campaign into one convenient web-based page (and a single shareable link).

Get better retention for your company’s key messages

Create a series of emails and multi-channel notifications to cut through the noise and reiterate important information.

See an upcoming calendar for cross-company communications

Our content calendar makes it easy to see your organization’s upcoming internal emails, know what dates they’re scheduled for, and provide visibility across departments.

Remove the pressure of last-minute launch days

Get your campaign uploaded, created, approved, and scheduled to send in advance! Our design tools and templates make it easy to be efficient.

See campaigns in action!


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