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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

Month: April 2024

Employee newsletter ideas for May

Ah, May, the weather is warmer, people are heading outside to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities, and a sense of freshness is in the air. It’s the perfect time to revitalize your employee newsletter and energize your employees! We’ve compiled a list of holidays, observances, and other engaging ideas to refresh your employee newsletter…

How to use a communication cascade (+ a free template!)

Sharing important information with lots of people is not easy. In a company, with departments and titles and stakeholders and real consequences on the line, it’s very, very not easy. That’s why internal communications strategies take careful planning and thoughtful execution, every time. Internal comms pros love to use the idea of a communication cascade,…

How to communicate with 1000 employees (or more!)

Internal communication is truly an essential part of any organization. Authentic and engaging communications are just as important whether you have ten employees, or 1,000, or 5,000, or even 10,000! But as your team grows, how do you keep departments (and the company as a whole) connected? How do you make sure everyone is aligned…

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