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The #1 alternative to Bananatag

Get more functionality (at less cost!) with Workshop. Our drag-and-drop email builder is even easier to use, and we’re thoughtfully built for both big and small teams.

Workshop vs. Bananatag

Support for teams of all sizes

No thousand-dollar minimums here; Workshop starts at just $99/month and has the email tools and templates you need to support a growing distributed team.

Sync up with over 20 HRIS providers

Bananatag only supports Workday. We integrate with over 20 major HR technology providers, so you can always have up-to-date distribution lists.

Push notifications to multiple communications channels

Unlike Bananatag, Workshop offers additional notification channels (including Slack, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Teams) to reach your employees across all of the channels they use the most.

Track the effectiveness of multi-email campaigns

No need to stitch together metrics from one-off emails; with Workshop, you can categorize data and see how your messages have performed across an entire campaign.

Compare & contrast

Workshop offers everything you need, right up front! We're built to improve the workflows of both big and small communications teams, and to sync up with the tools and channels that you use the most. See why dozens of organizations have switched to Workshop!

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