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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

A streamlined solution for frontline employee communications

Deliver newsletters, policy and procedural updates, and mission-critical information to your frontline teams via an engaging, mobile-friendly email and two-way SMS platform.

A powerful internal communications tool for frontline teams

Reach your frontline team in the most effective way — via mobile

Your teams are in the field or on the floor, and it's important that they can get access to mission-critical information via mobile-friendly emails or urgent SMS messages.

Engage your employees in real time with two-way SMS communication

Say hello to instant interaction and feedback! Two-way SMS is the ideal solution for frontline communication (and is the go-to if your employees don't have corporate email addresses).

Communicate directly with managers across multiple channels

Easily segment your emails and distribution lists to create targeted campaigns for managers and offer them all the information they need to train and engage their teams.

Keep your employee lists up-to-date at all times

You don't need to manually edit or update CSVs; we integrate with all of the most common HR and payroll providers, so you can confidently email your current team by department, role, or location.

Generate QR codes with just a click

Create a QR code for your email to add to tabletops, office displays, digital signage, you name it!

Know (for sure!) whether or not they've gotten the memo

With detailed analytics, you'll have a reliable way to make sure all of your employees are getting the message.

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