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Reach, engage, & inform your frontline employees

Give your frontline team a seamless, mobile-friendly communications platform where they can access relevant information, read up on best practices, and share in company culture.

A powerful communications tool for frontline workers

Reach your frontline team in the most effective way — via mobile

Mobile communication can foster a better connection between your HQ and your frontline teams, and help them access critical (and relevant) information. (Plus, there's no login needed!)

Know (for sure!) whether or not they've gotten the memo

Pass on posters and printed PDFs. With detailed analytics, you'll have a reliable way to make sure all of your employees are getting the message.

Give your frontline workers a place to engage in company conversations

With comments and reactions on every update, your frontline workers can easily add their voice to the mix and share in big milestones or relevant moments.

Share best practices & inspire your team from afar

Boost productivity and engagement for your frontline staff by embedding engaging videos, attaching resources/checklists, and more.

Create your own BYOD policy

Build a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy with this customizable template and provide guidelines for any employee who will use personally-owned wireless devices for work-related purposes.


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