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Month: May 2023

3 steps to planning a successful company offsite or retreat

Picture this:  You’ve just received an email from your boss with the subject line, “Get ready for an amazing team experience!” Your mind races with curiosity and a touch of excitement…then a pit in your stomach…You’re the one responsible for making this team retreat…exciting. Quick, grab a pen and paper because we’ve got you covered…

Workshop + AI

These days, it’s hard to read any industry news without being bombarded with new AI applications. AI is moving faster than any tech wave in our lifetimes.  It’s a wild and exciting time – but also one that the world is approaching cautiously. You can read a thousand opinion pieces, but it’s hard to sift…

How to create incredible new employee announcement emails

A new employee announcement email introduces a new hire to the rest of their specific team, their department, or the company as a whole! It’s a great opportunity to start a team member off on the right foot with your organization, and also remind people that it’s a good idea to watch 👀 the internal…

Employee newsletter names: best practices, ideas, and examples

Naming your employee newsletter isn’t necessary, but it can be a delightful and engaging way to elevate your internal brand and build more affinity with your team when done well. Don’t put too much pressure on it, though; a forced pun or irrelevant nickname can do more harm than good. But if you’re looking for a…

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