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Month: July 2023

Employee newsletter ideas for August

August can feel like a quiet month, but there are plenty of topics you can cover in your employee newsletter that will keep your team feeling engaged and motivated! We’ve done all the research for you and whittled down the list of daily, weekly, and monthly holidays and observances to find the ones that are…

A brand new Workshop!

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new look and feel that truly embodies all of the elements we know and love about working in (and working at!) Workshop: warmth, optimism, practicality, and sincerity. Our rebrand also offers up a fresh and modern take on the traditional medium of email. Email has long been the backbone…

How to convince the leadership team to embrace your idea

You’ve spent tons of time, energy, and enthusiasm building the foundation for an idea that you’re absolutely ITCHING to implement, but there’s one potential roadblock: the leadership team.  One of the most difficult parts of any role is dealing with the politics of persuasion, but we’ve found a framework that will make it much easier…

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