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A brand new Workshop!

Jamie Bell

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new look and feel that truly embodies all of the elements we know and love about working in (and working at!) Workshop: warmth, optimism, practicality, and sincerity.

Our rebrand also offers up a fresh and modern take on the traditional medium of email. Email has long been the backbone of internal communication, consistently ranking as the number one channel for communicating with colleagues and collaborators across the world. It’s not just a one-off place for all-staff emails, either; we have created a platform that has the power and potential to deliver relevant, meaningful content to every employee. As a result, we wanted to craft a brand that honored this past, but still felt at home alongside the creative, modern future of work!

Our initial brand (though beautiful) also felt somewhat generic and could have easily blended into a sea of other software products. That made sense for us in the early days, but we are now firmly established as a truly powerful tool for internal communications. 

We’re the email tool of choice for hundreds of incredible brands and businesses like Panera Bread, FanDuel, FastMed, Cargill, Jim Beam, Sprouts Farmers Market, and so many more. We’ve worked collaboratively with these customers to create features and functionality that make a difference in their day-to-day workflows and have deeply impacted the way they develop their internal communications strategies. 

Now that we know exactly who we are and what we’re focused on, it was important to us that the brand reflected our values as an organization. It was time for us to move on from our pastel-based color palette, overly generic elements, and brand inconsistencies to embrace a fresh, sophisticated perspective.

Here’s how we infused the values of warmth, optimism, practicality, and sincerity into our new brand:


When we looked at the landscape of internal communications platforms, we were struck by how many of them feel really cold and impersonal. This is an industry that should be focused entirely on people, and on empathy, understanding, connection, and inclusion. And email isn’t just about sending out facts and figures; it can be a place to share ideas, provide feedback, and celebrate successes, too. We wanted to be sure that our brand embraced that feeling wholeheartedly! 

We’ve infused our new secondary color palette with warmth, and you can see this value reflected deeply in all of our marketing efforts. We focus on sharing real-life stories, building templates, and creating webinars that show the positive impact our platform has had on internal communications. We’ll continue to invest really heavily here in the future! 

And in terms of our software, we have also incorporated this value through intuitive design and user experience. We’ve had such a blast adding in interactive elements such as emojis, animated GIFs, surveys, and customizable templates. It gives you the ability to add a touch of playfulness and warmth to your emails, making it a delightful and engaging experience for every employee.


There is so much negativity about the world of work, but our platform exists entirely to support the communicators and people out there who are actively trying to make their organizations better. 

Our brand and our team are inherently optimistic. In fact, the very first thing we launched was The Happy Monday Club, and it was important to us to maintain and infuse that feeling into the larger company as we rebranded.

Our new brand is also designed to leave you really inspired and motivated to connect with your team. We’re proud to have built something that infuses each piece of communication with a sense of confidence, possibility, and excitement! 


Our new look combines sophistication with usability. We love a beautifully branded email template, but we also honor the science of communication and value efficiency. At the end of the day, we have to inform our teams as much as we have to inspire and include them.

That’s why this rebrand isn’t only on our site and marketing materials; we’ve incorporated these elements into the product, as well. Our updated platform streamlines the user experience, allowing you to effortlessly create drag-and-drop emails, customize distribution lists, manage users and campaigns, and measure detailed analytics.


We like to think that this aspect of our rebranding honors the art of communication. For us, this is all about embracing the human aspect, and recognizing that intentional and warm exchanges, like hand-written letters, foster real connections.

Within our designs (and our new logo!), you’ll see some subtle nods to direct mail, our little tribute to the feeling of opening up “snail mail” from a close friend or family member. Our new brand thoughtfully incorporates these missing elements, serving to remind us all that every email in Workshop is sent to a real person on the other end—an authentic connection that really matters. 

From day one, we’ve been focused on innovating and improving our software, and we know there’s still so many opportunities to grow. As we embrace warmth, optimism, practicality, and sincerity, we’re excited to continue partnering with some of the best companies in the world, working together to improve their internal communications. We hope you’ll join us in elevating the industry, and look forward to creating more connected and engaged companies (that actually look forward to Monday mornings)! 

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