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The official launch of Workshop!

by Jamie Bell No Comments

Today’s marks the official launch of our ✨delightful✨ internal communications platform! We’ve been hard at work building a solution for efficient, engaging employee communication, and we are proud to introduce it to you today.

A bit of a backstory:
We believe passionately that internal comms is the most vital part of a company’s culture, but we know first-hand that scaling it is really difficult. We have seen this in organizations of all shapes and sizes, and you might have started to notice it in your own organization, too.You’ll see the signs:

  • No one owns all-company communication
  • Instant messages & emails are overwhelming
  • Resources are impossible to find
  • Your days don’t feel productive, just lots of chasing down info
  • Hard to reach remote employees (or just those that aren’t at a desk all day)
  • Lack of marketing resources for internal comms

We are absolutely determined to fix it. After all, we know that getting this right can have huge upsides, from boosting your bottom line to improving your employees’ well-being.

We know we’re not alone in this, either: we’ve had incredible feedback from our early customers, and have recently closed on a $3.5 million seed round to help us further our mission of creating more happy Mondays for employees everywhere. The round included a group of prominent Midwest venture funds and angel investors, including Ludlow Ventures, M25, and Linseed Capital.

Today, we’re incredibly proud to present two solutions that we’ve been working on for quite some time now:


Create relevant, well-designed messages in minutes, and send them to a targeted audience via email, text, or Slack. Once you’ve shared the news, you’ll be able to see exactly who has read the update, and get comments and instant feedback from the team.

Company Hub

Centralize all of your company’s most important information with personalized updates, pinned resources, an employee directory, and a great global search feature that makes it easy to find any file, folder, or person.

You can use Workshop to create and share all kinds of internal communication: all-company newsletters, policy updates, office closures, new hires, letters from the CEO, and so much more.

Request a demo here!

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