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Effective communications during mergers & acquisitions

Set your combined organization up for future success! Keep every employee informed and engaged during the transition with our multi-channel communications platform.

The go-to communication platform for M&A

Tailor your message for different departments, locations, and roles

Create custom distribution lists to easily segment your communications for the transition team, key stakeholders, middle managers, and more.

Stop the rumor mill before it starts

Get ahead of it all with transparent messages sent across multiple channels (including email, text, and Slack).

Adapt your message based on feedback and engagement

Measure the success of your messaging with analytics, and get instant feedback with comments, questions, and reactions (if you'd like).

Roll out a fresh solution that can reach *all* of your employees

Trying to use an intranet or a channel that exists in one part of the company (but not in the other) can risk the success of your merger and your comms plan.

Survey your staff today

The first step of auditing and assessing your internal communications is to survey your employees and find out what is and isn't working with your existing channels. It is a great place to start whether you've had a formal strategy in place all along or are putting together an internal comms plan for the first time.


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Great comms before & after the merger

Use Workshop to create all kinds of internal communication and help scale your combined company culture, from weekly newsletters to policy updates.

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