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A guide for using text messages to communicate with employees

No matter the size of your organization or the industry you’re in, employees sift through a LOT of information every day. Whether it’s for work or their personal life, you’re competing for attention with dozens of messages across many channels. Add remote or hybrid work to the mix, plus employees without access to every channel,…

Company SMS: Is it legal to mass text employees?

Internal communications teams and HR teams are often asking the same question these days… can I text my team? Mass texting employees is a pretty enticing idea, and it can be the solution to many of the challenges of reaching in-the-field or frontline workers. After all, not everyone can check their email (and many don’t…

25 of the best internal communications tools to try

Searching for internal communications tools and employee communication software is no small task – there are dedicated platforms for just about every facet of internal comms strategy. Each one promises to engage your internal audiences in one way or another, but there isn’t a single tool that will truly solve for the complexity of your…

How to use a communication cascade (+ a free template!)

Sharing important information with lots of people is not easy. In a company, with departments and titles and stakeholders and real consequences on the line, it’s very, very not easy. That’s why internal communications strategies take careful planning and thoughtful execution, every time. Internal comms pros love to use the idea of a communication cascade,…

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