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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

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How to use a communication cascade (+ a free template!)

Sharing important information with lots of people is not easy. In a company, with departments and titles and stakeholders and real consequences on the line, it’s very, very not easy. That’s why internal communications strategies take careful planning and thoughtful execution, every time. Internal comms pros love to use the idea of a communication cascade,…

How to plan internal communication campaigns (and make them great!)

Internal comms pros, your job is big. The organization is counting on you to keep a wide range of employees informed, empowered, engaged, energized, equipped… well, you know. To stay on top of employee engagement and keep the team moving forward, we love getting scrappy and incorporating strategies and tactics from other departments. Today we’re…

How to send an email to a Slack channel

When it comes to internal communication, we’re big believers in meeting your employees where they are! Realistically, there is no single channel that will reach 100% of employees, so a multi-channel approach can help you get the message delivered. If you’re sending important information via email, it’s a smart idea to send that email to…

A guide for using text messages to communicate with employees

Your employees sift through a lot of information every day. Whether it’s for work or their personal life, you’re competing with dozens of messages across many channels.  Add remote or hybrid work to the mix, and your job communicating with employees is harder than ever. It’s also more important than ever.  So, how do you…

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