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Can you use Mailchimp or Constant Contact for internal comms? Not really (& here's why) icon

Connect your email data to business intelligence platforms with our analytics API

Jamie Bell

Dig into every detail of your email campaigns and gather new insights on your internal comms with Workshop’s analytics API! You can now connect your email analytics to the business intelligence and data visualization tools used within your organization, helping you get unparalleled access to key metrics and expert-level insights. You can use our email analytics API to create interactive dashboards and get customized, real-time reports of your email performance, making it easier than ever for stakeholders to monitor key metrics.

Although Workshop comes with some incredible analytics and reporting within the app itself, we know it’s nice to pull that data into a separate platform and slice and dice it as needed! Whether you want to see the overall performance of your employee emails or dive deep into the details of a specific communications campaign, you’ll no longer be limited to a preset view. (Our API even gives you access to more information, like individualized click and read time metrics!)

Here are a few interesting things you can do when you connect Workshop with platforms like Power BI, Tableau, and Looker: 

  • Set up automated reports that are generated regularly and shared with relevant teams or stakeholders. This is one way to give everyone access to the latest email analytics without a bunch of manual data extraction or spreadsheet misery!
  • Track your top-performing email content, benchmark general program performance, and explore individual and segmented user data to evaluate behavior patterns.
  • Use historical email data to analyze long-term trends in internal communications. Are there seasonal patterns? Has engagement improved or declined over the years? (This information can inform your communication strategy!)

Our API provides endpoints for campaign, email, and link data. With all of these email metrics at your fingertips, you’ll have the tools you need to create clear reporting and surface expert insights.

Our analytics API is only available to customers on our Premium plan and does require an additional fee.

Learn more about how Workshop can help you measure internal communications here, or contact your account manager for more details!

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