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Company Retreat Sample Schedule

This customizable company retreat sample schedule curated by SONA Events is the perfect starting point to plan your next team event. The agenda includes time blocks for programming, team-building activities, meals, downtime, and more!

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How to create the perfect retreat agenda:

Determine the duration of your retreat and allocate time to different activities accordingly. Consider the balance between productive sessions, team-building activities, and downtime. It’s important to provide enough time for meaningful discussions and reflection without overwhelming participants.

SONA Events recommends using the 30/30/30 rule. 30% towards working sessions, 30% toward team-building activities, 30% toward downtime or scheduled hangouts, and 10% added to the area that will create the most impact for your event.

Additional things to be mindful of when building out your retreat schedule:

  • Prioritize key topics
  • Mix sessions and activities
  • Allow for collaboration and interaction
  • Consider individual and team needs
  • Include breaks and downtime

Looking for more tips on planning a successful company offsite or event? You can find a few here!

Company Retreat Sample Schedule

This template is available as a Google Sheet or Excel Sheet! It’s simple, streamlined, and totally customizable for your company’s needs. Simply download the resource and select Make a copy.

Download this template:

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