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Stakeholder Mapping Template

An internal stakeholder map is a powerful tool for identifying and categorizing key players within your company! We've created this customizable template to help you easily visualize your internal stakeholders, their roles, and their level of influence so you can prioritize your communication and engagement strategies.

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What this stakeholder mapping template includes

An internal stakeholder map includes four quadrants and a sliding scale for both influence and urgency. There are four ways to manage your communication with stakeholders:

Keep Satisfied:

    • Identify stakeholders with high influence and strong support for your project or initiative.
    • Prioritize these stakeholders to ensure their needs and expectations are met.
    • Regularly engage with them to maintain their support.
    • Recognize that keeping satisfied stakeholders is critical for ongoing cooperation.

Manage Closely:

    • Identify stakeholders with high influence but potential resistance or opposition.
    • Devote extra attention to these stakeholders to address their concerns.
    • Develop targeted communication and engagement strategies to build trust. 


    • Identify stakeholders with lower influence but who may have an interest or potential impact on your project or initiative.
    • Monitor their activities or concerns.
    • Monitor changes in their level of influence over time.
    • Send them relevant information. 

Keep Informed:

    • Identify stakeholders with low influence and minimal impact on your project or initiative.
    • Keep them informed about project updates and developments to maintain transparency.
    • Send them relevant information.

How to use this stakeholder mapping template

This template is available as a Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet! It’s simple, streamlined, and totally customizable for your company’s needs.

Download this template:

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