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Author: Jamie Bell

How to send an email to a Slack channel

When it comes to internal communication, we’re big believers in meeting your employees where they are! Realistically, there is no single channel that will reach 100% of employees, so a multi-channel approach can help you get the message delivered. If you’re sending important information via email and want to cross-post that email to Slack, there…

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy, often hidden in plain sight, holds the key to transforming your company’s brand presence in today’s digital landscape. It’s the authentic, grassroots promotion of your company’s mission, values, brand, and offerings by the very people who fuel its success – your employees! While it might already be happening spontaneously within your organization, there’s…

The only 4 internal communications tools you need in 2024

We’ve read enough extensive roundups of “the 20+ internal communications tools you need” and could add to your tech stack…but to be honest, that sounds like an absolute nightmare. There’s no way a full-time internal communications team could manage the implementation and day-to-day use of almost two dozen different pieces of technology. Plus, over-relying on…

How to run an impressive internal communications audit (in 7 steps!)

What is an internal communication audit? An internal communication audit evaluates the effectiveness of your internal communication. To us, internal communication goes far beyond just a company newsletter or a regular all-hands meeting, and includes how your managers, department heads, and other internal leaders are regularly communicating and getting in front of the company. It’s…

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