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Author: Jamie Bell

How to launch an employee advocacy program

Employee advocacy is the public promotion of a company’s mission, values, brand, and offerings by the employees themselves. It happens organically and is likely happening in your organization already, without any formal program in place. We’ve done a deep dive into the benefits of employee advocacy that you can check out here!  But if you’re…

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statement examples

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements help show your organization’s commitment to furthering diversity and belonging in the workplace to your employees, customers, prospects, and the public. Weaving these values into your organization’s mission also helps create environments where everyone can thrive. It’s a good idea to regularly communicate your mission in both internal communications…

How to send an email to a Slack channel

When it comes to internal communication, we’re big believers in meeting your employees where they are! Realistically, there is no single channel that will reach 100% of employees, so a multi-channel approach can help you get the message delivered. If you’re sending important information via email, it’s a smart idea to send that email to…

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy, often hidden in plain sight, holds the key to transforming your company’s brand presence in today’s digital landscape. It’s the authentic, grassroots promotion of your company’s mission, values, brand, and offerings by the very people who fuel its success – your employees! While it might already be happening spontaneously within your organization, there’s…

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